Wasabih, why this name?

“…We have made you [believers] an upright1 community…”

For those who are just discovering, Wasabih is an online Community for professionals and organisations in the global Halal Economy.

As a muslim, I always believe that in life, in any relationship, any business, one should follow the principle of equilibrium, fairness, balance, sustainability and never go to an extreme.

Islamic religion, like other beliefs, teaches about the importance of being fair, “just”, “median”.

I got inspired by a well-known verse in the Qur’an that states the following:

And so We have made you [believers] an upright1 community so that you may be witnesses over humanity and that the Messenger may be a witness over you.

1 i.e., moderate, balanced, and outstanding.

— Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the Clear Quran (translation)

The word “Wasatan” here is translated as “upright”, as in moderate and balanced. That is where the WASA of Wasabih got its essence. We aim to create a business community where relationships are balanced, where people can make business in respect to ethical and universal teachings of Islam that are accepted and followed by muslims and non-muslims who hold an interest in doing business in the Halal Economy.

One important aspect of the verse above mentions about “ummatan” (a community), yes, Wasabih is a Community.

Now, what are the letters “BIH“? It is straightforward, Business, Islam, Halal. The purpose of Wasabih is to do business with Islamic universal values, focusing on the Halal Economy.

Why does it sound like the Japanese’ “Wasabi”?

That was the other part of the intended outcome, I wanted the name to sound easy to remember but also exotic to “Arab” language to remind that Islam is not only for Arab people and goes far beyond, in this case, goes up to the far East, Japan. It is well-known that some of the most prominent muslim scholars and inventors were not Arabs (i.e. Al Bukhâri, Umar Khayyâm). Islam is universal and open to anyone who seeks to find path to his/her Lord. Muslims also have been true business people, traveling around the world, this is how many people build strong relationships with them and some even decided to join Islam after they dealt with muslim business travellers (i.e. Indonesia). Back to Japan, “Wasabi”, refers to one of the most well-known condiments served with Japanese cooking, most commonly served with sushi. I learnt to like Sushi and Japanese ancient culture.

One morning…

Up until then, I was sharing the idea with the pronunciation of “wasabi” (without the “h”), to make is sound Japanese. Some non-Arab speakers would not pronounce the “h”.

I just woke up, still trying to find a good and unique name that makes sense for a worldwide professionals making the Halal Economy. Then, for a reason I still ignore, my mind went to the Arabic word “وَسَبِّحْ“, mentioned several times in the Qur’an. Yes! We got our name! Let me explain why.

Actually, “Wa sabbih”, means “And glorify (Him [Allah])”, or “And exalt (Him with praise)”. Many verses in the Qur’an (the islamic Holy book), mention this powerful expression for believers to glorify their Lord.

Below are the occurrences of this expression (I have highlighted) that I have found in the Islamic Holy Book (Qur’an).

He said, My Lord, make for me a sign.” He said, “Your sign is that you will not [be able to] speak to the people for three days except by gesture. And remember your Lord much and exalt [Him with praise] in the evening and the morning.” Surah 2, verse 41.

— Saheeh International (translation)

“And rely upon the Ever-Living who does not die, and exalt [Allah] with His praise. And sufficient is He to be, with the sins of His servants, [fully] Aware” Surah 25, verse 58.

— Saheeh International (translation)

“So be patient, [O Muḥammad]. Indeed, the promise of Allah is truth. And ask forgiveness for your sin1 and exalt [Allah] with praise of your Lord in the evening and the morning.” Surah 40, verse 55

— Saheeh International (translation)

“So be patient, [O Muḥammad], over what they say and exalt [Allah] with praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting,” Surah 55, verse 39.

— Saheeh International (translation)

“And be patient, [O Muḥammad], for the decision of your Lord, for indeed, you are in Our eyes [i.e., sight]. And exalt [Allah] with praise of your Lord when you arise” Surah 52, verse 48

— Saheeh International (translation)

But wait, is Wasabih.com only for muslims?


Wasabih is a Professional Community platform for ALL individuals who have an interest in the Halal Economy, a multi-trillion Dollar industry. I’m still amazed to see some muslims surprised when I tell that, at the world largest Halal trade show organized in Malaysia, I have been told that 80% of the companies exhibiting are for non-muslims. For me this is just logical and fair. Halal Industry is an industry like any other industry. Of course, it has its own defining rules and regulations. But as long as those rules are met, it is an open market! And it’s growing.

I also want to make a point here for muslims in particular, but for everyone reading: Wasabih is not an “islamic” community, it is for all professionals, regardless of their belief system, as long as we help each other to succeed and the community rules are respected. This pattern is common to any online community.

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